Gretna Successions Attorney

When you find yourself in charge of a family’s assets after someone has died, you may feel overwhelmed by the responsibility. You don’t have to handle this task by yourself. Danielle Phillips is an experienced lawyer ready to provide wise advice and counsel on probate issues. Aside from providing help for executors of an estate, she handles many other issues related to probate, like helping heirs to an intestate estate get their property or dealing with debt and taxes on the estate.

Successions and Estates Attorney in Gretna Delivers Helpful Advice

Successions law may be more familiar to you as probate law. It involves passing assets from a decedent to a family member or other designated individual or group. When someone dies and leaves a will, they transmit their assets testate to a recipient called a legatee. When someone dies without a will, they pass their estate intestate to heirs. A probate or successions attorney helps with the process.

Experienced Successions Attorney Fights for You in Probate Court

Several studies show that most people do not have a will when they die. Some have life insurance or a bank account that specifies who should receive the money after they pass. You won’t need to prove you have the right to those assets, but for anything else like a house or car, you will need to ask the court to grant you possession. For that, you will need an experienced successions attorney like Danielle Phillips.

Even if you are named in a will or trust as a beneficiary, you will need an attorney to guide you through the process. You will have to engage with probate court to receive your assets after a judge has approved the will or trust as enforceable.

When someone leaves a will or trust, they often name an executor to manage the distribution of assets to beneficiaries, pay taxes and pay off creditors. While many wise people name an attorney, some name a trusted family member. Ms. Phillips can help those executors who aren’t trained in the law – and those who are – handle the job with her knowledge and experience.

Succession Attorney Helping Gretna Residents Cope with Life Issues

The passing of a loved one is always a difficult time. Financial issues can make things even harder to handle. Danielle Phillips is ready to offer her skill as an attorney and compassion as a person to help people in tough situations. For probate advice, help with receiving assets or even to contest a will, call her for a free, 45-minute consultation.