Gretna Personal Injury Attorney

Danielle Phillips works hard to get justice for her clients who have been injured through someone else’s negligence. Hundreds have sought her services for car accidents and other personal injury cases and have received compassionate, efficient and affordable representation. Ms. Phillips understands that every moment is important to you when you are injured. You are out of work or missing school while medical bills are mounting and you may be unable to perform other important duties. She will waste no time in seeking fair compensation for your injuries from the person or company responsible.

Consult With an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Gretna

As soon as you are able after your accident, contact Ms. Phillips. Tell her your story regarding the circumstances of the accident. She may find more than one cause of action in your case. You may believe a driver’s inattention led to your injuries; however, there could a reason to suspect the auto manufacturer’s error contributed. You could recover more under Louisiana’s comparative fault doctrine.

Skilled Gretna Personal Injury Attorney

Once Ms. Phillips has all the facts, she’ll advise you on how to best proceed. If you disagree, don’t worry, she takes her clients wishes and turns them into action. If you want a rapid settlement, she is a strong negotiator and she will bargain from a position of strength. If you want to fight your battles in court in front of a sympathetic jury, she is a capable litigator. In some instances, some alternative dispute resolution may be your fastest way to start paying medical bills and receive compensation for lost wages. Ms. Phillips can provide assistance in any mediation or arbitration action in which you participate.

Attorney in Gretna Helps You Get Compensation for Your Injuries

For nearly ten years, Danielle Phillips has been helping people get much needed finances to pay bills after an injury they suffered through no fault of their own. She has helped people who missed work because of an accident recover lost wages. She’s helped clients deal with doctors and insurance companies. She has shown compassion for her clients and put their interests first. She will put your best interests first if you hire her, so call her now for a 45-minute, free consultation.