New Orleans Family Law, Successions, and Personal Injury Legal Services

Atty. Danielle Phillips is an excellent young attorney serving the people of Jefferson, Orleans, and Plaquemines Parish. During her eight years of practice she has developed a reputation among her clients as a fair-minded lawyer who places a strong emphasis on client service. For her practice areas – family law, successions and personal injury – her focus on placing her clients’ needs first is an important factor in her successful solo practice. The former law clerk for the Louisiana State Government, Atty. Phillips will be a powerful advocate for your interests when you need legal representation.

Client-Focused Metropolitan New Orleans Area Family Law Practice

Atty. Phillips understands your personal difficulties during stressful events like a divorce. She will approach your dissolution of marriage with compassion and strength. Atty. Phillips can help you reach a relatively painless agreement with your spouse on matters like the distribution of marital assets and physical custody of children. If this isn’t possible, she will fight for you to get the best possible outcome in court.

Metropolitan New Orleans Area Successions Services to Protect Your Family’s Interests

Whether you are planning a will or trust or you are an executor charged with managing the distribution of assets, you should contact Atty. Danielle Phillips to provide sound advice. She can help you plan for and protect your family’s future if you need estate planning. If you’re an executor, she can help you understand probate law in Louisiana and avoid problems and confusion.

Dynamic Personal Injury Services in Jefferson, Orleans, and Plaquemines Parish

If you are injured in an automobile accident, Atty. Phillips will be there to help you. She has handled hundreds of accident cases and helped her clients get back on your feet. While you are recovering from your injuries, she will deal with the insurance companies, hospitals and law enforcement on your behalf.

Contact a Skilled Metropolitan New Orleans Attorney Today

Suffering injuries in an accident, protecting family assets and dealing with a divorce are among the issues in the law that have the most direct effect on entire families. To handle these matters, you need a lawyer who will provide you with highly professional, competent and compassionate legal services at an affordable price. Call Atty. Danielle Phillips today for a free, 45-minute consultation and find out how she can help you.