Gretna Family Law Attorney

Danielle Phillips is a compassionate and caring family law attorney. She not only wants to achieve the best possible outcome in your divorce, she wants to help you move forward after the divorce is finished. Ms. Phillips goal is to get you in the best position to move on from a difficult time and achieve the goals for the future. She’s helped many clients with their divorce, child custody and support needs, and will always be available to explain the law and keep you informed on how your case is progressing.

Compassionate Divorce Attorney Serving Clients in Gretna

Divorce means a significant life change, and that can be somewhat frightening, even for those who cannot wait to see an end to their marriage. Danielle Phillips can put your mind at ease. You’ll be confident you’ve picked the right lawyer to handle your issue after your initial consultation. She will listen to the problems that brought you to the decision to separate and discuss what you want for your life going forward. She’ll then formulate a plan to move forward.

Family Law Negotiations

If you want to resolve matters quickly, she’ll help you through Louisiana’s “no-fault” process. You may wish to negotiate issues of asset distribution and maintenance between you and your spouse. Ms. Phillips will help you draft an agreement that any judge will approve. Know that “quickly” is a relative term, because in Louisiana you must have lived apart from your spouse for six to twelve months, depending on whether you have children, before a court will declare that you are divorced by law.

Getting the Support Payment You Need in a Divorce

If you and your spouse cannot come to terms, the path to divorce may take longer. Ms. Phillips will stand with you and battle for what you believe you deserve. Louisiana is a community property state. All the assets you and your spouse collected while married will be evenly distributed absent an agreement between you in a no-fault case. However, if there is a dispute, you will have to make a case to a judge. Ms. Phillips will help.

Attorney in Gretna Fights for Children in a Divorce

Louisiana courts will make judgments on custody by looking at several factors. The examination of factors will help determine what decision is in the child’s best interests. Ms. Phillips will be able to help you show the court you are the appropriate custodial parent if you and your spouse haven’t made an agreement on custody.

Compassionate Divorce Attorney in Orleans Parish

For compassionate and affordable legal representation in your family law matter, contact Danielle Phillips for a free consultation.